UnTangled is a todo list app for creatives.

We are building this app now. We want you to go make more beautiful and innovative things. We believe in creatives and creative work.
UnTangled is built by creatives, for creatives, to help you add what you have todo and go make more! :)

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Only a latte per month.

For $5 per month subscription, we want to make your day / week / month at least a latte better! If it's not your jam, we will refund the last 30 days and your unused credit.

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Building UnTangled.

We are building this app now. The founder has been studying this conundrum for a long time. It's been several months of petal to the metal as the two of us build this. Sign up for updates below.
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We are building this as fast as we can, as a side project. Sign up below for updates!